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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

Available Alternatives for Oratect Saliva Drug Screen

Available Alternatives for Oratect Saliva Drug Screen - Australia Drug Testing

Federal rules, workplace policy, cost, and the type of testing such as random selection, reasonable suspicion, pre-appointment, follow-up, or post-incident are all aspects to consider when choosing a drug test. Standard drug tests and screenings include oral, blood, breathalyzers, hair, urine, and sweat.

A saliva drug test is a screening test that looks for traces of drugs or alcohol in someone’s saliva to determine whether they are currently under the influence. It is also referred to as a cotton swab, oral, and saliva drug test.

Recently, more companies are developing ‘no tolerance to drug policies’ to ensure workplace safety. For that matter, they frequently pre-screen new hires and randomly test employees as a result of the increased usage of illegal substances at work and the effects it has on businesses. Such procedures shield the company from legal responsibility.

In this blog, we will mainly discuss Oratect Saliva Drug Screen and the alternatives available in the market to help you keep your workplace safe and secure.

What Role Does Saliva Drug Testing Play in Workplace Drug Testing?

A saliva drug test is the simplest method to conduct drug testing as part of your background checks and employment compliant screening programme.

The principal drug classes listed in the Australian Standard AS 4760 can be detected using a range of on-site saliva (oral fluid) drug test kits.

Similar to other types of drug testing, saliva testing allows for the use of an initial screening test result to establish a negative test result. Any samples that do not yield a negative test result must be forwarded to the proper confirmatory laboratory for additional examination.

Australia Drug Testing can assist you in determining what type of saliva drug test would best suit you and your business.

What is an Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit?

Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit is an instant oral fluid testing kit that comes with a mouth swab that can be used anywhere. This convenience makes it perfect for on-the-spot post-accident drug testing.

It is ideal in a situation where you need quick results. Construction, manufacturing, drug courts, government, and correctional institution companies, for example, benefit immensely from having such saliva drug testing kits on hand.

Market Alternatives to Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit

Saliva testing has undergone significant advancements in the past ten years when it comes to the use of oral fluid drug screens. While some testing kits such as Oratect have become obsolete, alternatives are readily available in the market.

Let’s discuss the Oratect Saliva drug test alternative.

  1. First Sign™

    The First Sign™ Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device is an immunoassay that follows competitive binding. Drugs that might be present in the oral fluid sample compete with one another for binding sites on a particular antibody.

    It is famous for its simplicity of use, precision, and speed of results and normally takes five minutes to perform the test and get the results.

    The First Sign™ Saliva Test is also compliant to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4760:2019.

    Chosen for being less invasive than other testing methods, First Sign™ is one of the few products on the market that allows you to re-insert the collection device into your mouth if you haven’t gathered enough saliva in the first instance.

    The First Sign Saliva Test is designed to detect the seven illegal substances listed in the Australian Standard. This includes cocaine, methamphetamines, THC, and amphetamines Benzodiazepine,oxycodone,Opiate

  2. DrugWipe® 6S

    DrugWipe® 6S is another alternative to Oratect Saliva Drug Test, which is cost- and time-effective. It offers a more convenient and non invasive way of sample collection than with urine or blood tests. The testing kit has the market’s highest accuracy and lowest sampling volume requirement.

    Employers all throughout Australia are employing the DrugWipe® 6S to check for the presence of drugs in saliva, requiring the workforce to adhere to its OH&S policy.

    DrugWipe® 6S offers precise findings with recognisable red test lines that show up even for minute amounts of drug use. Laboratory tests have shown high specificity and reliability of 95 per cent or above.

Why Choose Saliva Drug Screen?

Oral drug screening is a non-invasive approach that evaluates a person’s saliva. The oral fluid samples can be obtained using a sterile swab inserted inside the mouth for 1-3 minutes to absorb saliva. A saliva drug screen can detect the following drug groups:
Not only this but oral drug tests have been used in the workplace to test personnel in case of any mishaps or accidents. It yields quick results and can be done on-site, which cuts down on the expense of laboratory testing a sample.

Final Remarks

Most businesses prefer saliva drug testing as it is the least intrusive and cost-effective option. Oral samples can be collected onsite, and the employer can receive results quickly and effectively within the company. If you are looking to learn more about how you can pre-screen or do a random test, contact Australia Drug Testing today.

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