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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

Detection Time for Marijuana Saliva Test

Marijuana Saliva Test - Australia Drug Testing

The emergence of synthetic marijuana is proving to be very challenging to detect by conventional drug testing methods. This comes just as most workplaces have begun implementing drug testing programs that efficiently screen users of illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, ice, and heroin.

The use of synthetic marijuana is becoming more common in workplaces, which makes it more difficult for companies to implement their work health and safety programs successfully.

While traditional saliva drug tests can detect natural marijuana, they are inaccurate in picking up synthetic marijuana (K2). Urine drug tests are a dependable and affordable solution for detecting synthetic marijuana at workplaces.

Feel free to contact Australia Drug Testing for the ECO Ⅱ urine drug testing kit. This test gives employers a chance in the fight against workplace drug abuse, even when synthetic drugs are concerned.

Types of Saliva Test for Marijuana

The following saliva test kits are certified to Australian standards, are easy to use, and provide reliable results for detecting marijuana and other illicit drugs in a timely manner.

First Sign™

The First Sign Drug Test Kit provides:

DrugWipe® 6S

The DrugWipe® 6S saliva drug testing kit features:

What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana (THC/K2), commonly known as synthetic cannabinoids, is a brand-new psychoactive drug (NPS) that was initially created to resemble or induce effects comparable to those of marijuana. Since 2004 it has been sold online.

Benefits of Marijuana Drug Testing in the Workplace

Protecting workplace health and safety is perhaps the most significant benefit of workplace drug testing.

It is evident that workers who use or abuse drugs put the safety of others at risk.

This is especially true for occupations requiring a high level of safety, such as handling dangerous chemicals, running large machinery, or operating cars for your business. In addition, the likelihood of a workplace mishap is greatly increased if they work under the influence of their preferred narcotic, ice, or alcohol.

Here are other benefits that workplace drug testing provides:

The Risks of Working Under the Influence of Marijuana

A workplace mishap is more likely to happen when someone uses synthetic substances at work. For example, synthetic marijuana users who experience seizures at work risk having an accident that leaves themselves or others injured or killed. This is highly likely, particularly if the employee operates large machinery or drives business cars or trucks.

Employees who take synthetic drugs at work may have difficulties even in an office setting since the substances used to manufacture synthetic drugs can also lead to psychosis or suicidal thoughts.

Synthetic drug-abuse workplace-related accidents can be extremely expensive for the employer, starting with the Workers Compensation claims that will arise following a workplace incident.

The costs will increase further if an employee accuses the business of failing to offer a safe workplace or makes other similar claims and sues in court.


If a company has a well-thought-out drug and alcohol policy, concerns about synthetic marijuana at work can be addressed. This policy should include synthetic drug testing to offer employers and safety officers a clear framework that effectively handles any synthetic drug-related issue at work.

Drug testing has long been a clear need for health and critical infrastructure employers. And saliva drug test kits are commonly used for these tests because of their less invasive attributes, robust features, and reliable on-site drug detection capabilities.

Contact Australia Drug Testing today if you’d like further information about a suitable Saliva Drug Testing Kit for your workplace.