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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

Drug Use Trends & Statistics in Australia 2021

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing - Australia Drug Testing

Drug Use Trends & Statistics in Australia 2021 | Australia Drug Testing

Based on the report released by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey or NDSHS, an estimated 16.4% or about 3.4 million of the total population in Australia had used an illicit drug in the previous 12 months. And it had spent 11.3 billion illicitly on substance abuse in 2020 based on the drug use trends in Australia.

Illicit Drug Use Has Increased

Drug use trends in Australia shows a quantitative increase in the number of people using illicit drugs. These figures include regular drug abuse in the past year and those people who used illegal drugs at some point in their life.

These illicit drugs that showed an increase in lifetime use include:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, drug-taking in Australia has shifted, with users turning increasingly to cannabis because of the complex source of methamphetamine and heroin.
Two significant surveys conducted of regular drug users show that lockdowns have affected the availability of some illicit drugs and the kinds of drugs that people want to take.

How Covid-19 Made Significant Impact on Illicit Drugs

As per the latest drug use trends, one significant problem is that people are turning to new and emerging drugs that are easier to source but more potent and potentially deadly, this in turn can affect their ability to function to their full potential.

Since the Global Pandemic began, the Covid-19 lockdowns have significantly impacted the way people live their lives. In the last 12 months, the rate of Australians that have used at least one illegal drug has increased to 16.4%.

While we are slowly recovering and adjusting to the effects of the pandemic, the negative side effects, such as increased abuse of substances are now being carried into the workplace. This drug use trend should be addressed by employing a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy, which can minimize hazards in our workplace that are caused by those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To create a safer workplace it is essential to perform a Drug and Alcohol test.

Why Drug And Alcohol Testing is Essential To Your Business

Workplace drug testing is a regular occurrence nowadays; though it is not mandatory in all industries, it has a significant positive impact on businesses. Many industries are motivated to protect their business and employees by adopting alcohol and drug testing in their companies. It includes Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Post-Incident Drug Testing, Pre-promotion Drug Testing, Reasonable Cause Drug Testing, and Return To Work Drug Testing. And having the correct testing kits that meet the Australian Standards is very important to ensure accurate results. Australia Drug Testing provides Certified Australian, technologically advanced, testing kits for alcohol and drug detection within the workplace. These test kits offer accurate and rapid testing results, in some cases less than 90 seconds which can suit many industries needs for high volume drug testing.

Here are the advantages of adopting a drug and alcohol testing policy in the workplace:

Increased Quality & Productivity
Employee drug testing should be a high priority when hiring a new employee. As part of the interview screening process, you can ask potential employees to submit to a drug or alcohol test to ensure that they are free from any abusive substances. Employees who don’t abuse drugs and alcohol will be able to perform at their full potential, produce high-quality work, and are more productive. Plus, as an added benefit, you create a safer workplace.

Employee Safety
It is the right of all employees to have a safe workplace. It is dangerous to have an impaired person at work. They might accidentally cause harm to their colleague, damage company property, or even themselves. Alcohol and drug-free workplaces will protect your employees, property and maintain a safe workspace.

Minimizes Health Insurance Costs
The higher the claims, the higher your premium payment for insurance. By minimizing the number of claims, you can reduce your insurance cost. Those employees with a substance abuse problem, are the ones who are more prone to health issues and are usually the individuals involved in workspace-related incidents or accidents. Alcohol and drug testing will help identify those drug-abusive employees and allow you to take proactive and appropriate action.

Reduce Employee Absenteeism
Sick leave due to drug or alcohol-related absenteeism is costly to a business. A substance abuser is 2.5 times or eight days more likely to be absent in a year. There is a financial burden and loss of employee morale that can lead to a less harmonious work environment. An alcohol and drug testing program will help prevent these occurrences from taking place in your company.

Minimize Work-Related Accidents
Health and safety in the workplace are a significant part of every business. When accidents occur, you should immediately perform post-accident alcohol and drug tests. If the test returns a non-negative result it should be then sent to a certified laboratory for confirmation, then the management can take immediate action. Additionally, employees who tested positive for drugs and alcohol might not be able to be granted any claims against the company.

Fewer Thefts and Claims
Conducting random drug and alcohol tests may provide a deterrent and protection to your business. Some who abuse drugs and alcohol may be involved in theft and fraud crimes to feed their habit. If a drug abuser is identified, it will allow you to take proactive actions to prevent theft and fraud in your company.

Minimize Recruitment Costs and Staff Turnover
Every training, hiring, and firing of an employee is expensive. By establishing an Alcohol and Drug Policy in your company, you help create a drug-free working environment where employees are satisfied, happy, and have no reason to leave.

Protect Business Reputation
By adopting an alcohol and drug testing policy, you can protect your business from risks and may avoid dangerous situations in your workplace. At the same time, you create a productive and safe working environment, this will result in maintaining your company’s respected reputation.

Workplace Drug Testing and Australia Drug Testing

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During the pandemic, many employees lost their jobs and many others have had their working hours reduced. The frustration with this current situation might lead them into drug abuse to escape reality and stress. Drug and alcohol tests are an essential tool to secure and protect ,not only the safety of your business but also your employees. Also, as a business owner, you can take appropriate actions to have a drug-free working environment. Australian accredited testing kits will help you to have a precise and accurate result during testing in your company.