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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

Facts You Need To Know About Urine Drug Testing

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What Is a Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug test also known as Urine Drug Screen (UDS) is the most common method of testing for illicit drugs. It is painless, fast, easy, and cost-effective. It screens your urine for the presence of certain prescription medications and illegal drugs. The urine test can be used to detect:

One way your body gets rid of the chemicals in the drugs you consume is through your urine. Traces of the drugs can be found in your urine from a few days to a few weeks after taking them. A urine drug testing kit can help to identify people who are abusing drugs within a workplace.

Why Is Urine Testing the Most Frequently Used Method for Workplace Drug Testing?

Organizations and businesses use urine drug test cups that are certified to Australian standards to conduct accurate drug tests. These cups are capable of detecting several different illegal and prescription drugs in one test. A urine test is highly sensitive and meets the requirements of many drug testing programs. There are several other benefits that the urine drug test provides. We have compiled a list of some of the things that make the urine drug test accurate and efficient.

Facts and Myths About Urine Drug Testing


1. Drinking a lot of water will dilute the drugs in your urine.

Drinking a lot of water can dilute your urine making it harder to detect drugs. But this also reduces the natural levels of creatinine, the chemical waste in your urine. Reduced levels of creatinine,below the known normal level is a red flag for drug testing collectors during specimen validation. Drug testing collectors also read the temperature guage on urine testing cups to detect false urine specimens that have temperatures lower than normal urine.

2. Poppy seeds can cause a false positive result.

Yes, consuming poppy seeds before a drug test can create a false-positive result for opium. Avoid poppy seeds before taking drug tests.

Poppy seeds and opium are derived from the same plant. However, the seeds do not contain opium. They are only covered with it from harvest. Proper washing of the seeds can remove most of the opium residue on them. That said, you would have to eat several unwashed poppy seeds to test positive for opium in a drug test.

3. A urine drug test is the most commonly used method of drug testing.

Urine drug testing kits that are certified to Australian standards detect a wide range of drug groups, as per AS4308:2008 Pee drug tests are the most accurate and reliable drug screening method for modern drug abuse. If you have a large workforce, Pee drug test would be a cost-effective way of conducting drug tests. It is highly accurate, and it has specimen validation measures like the temperature guage and specificity test which are built into the testing kits.

4. Urine drug tests can be used for several drug testing incidents.

It can be adopted for pre-employment and on-the-job drug testing. A urine drug test may be used during staff promotion, or after workplace accidents. It may also be conducted randomly in accordance with the company’s drug policy to identify drug abusers. Pee drug tests are also used with court orders to monitor employees on probation. Other places Pee drug tests are frequently used include clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and sporting events.

5. Urine tests can detect a wide range of drugs.

You can screen for the presence of several drugs using urine testing. These include amphetamines , benzos, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, methadone, opiates, oxycodone , synthetic cannabinoids (Spice), . The Eco II Cup and InnoScreen are examples of urine drug testing kits capable of detecting 6 major illicit drug groups with a single test.

6. Urine drug testing can be conducted at the collection site such as a worksite, clinic, or a doctor’s office.

The test requires a minimum of 30 ml of urine. Urine is collected in a private space such as a restroom. The urine sample and completed Custody and Control Form (CCF) are taken to the laboratory for further analysis if the results are non negative .

7. Some people try to cheat during urine drug tests.

One may try to circumvent a urine drug test by diluting the urine sample, or using apple juice, or substituting their urine sample with another person’s urine. However, the specimen validity procedure during a urine test uncovers any attempt to cheat the test.


1. Urine drug testing is popular because it is cheap, not because it is accurate.

Urine drug tests may be easier and cheaper than other testing methods, but they are highly accurate. Drugs can be detected in urine in higher concentrations and for a longer time than in saliva. Hair testing may be very accurate but it takes a longer time to get results and cannot detect as many drugs as urine tests. A single urine test can detect up to 6 major drug groups at once and provides quick results.

2. If a donor eats or drinks a particular substance, it will cleanse his body of the drugs.

There is nothing you can eat or drink to remove drugs from your system and pass a drug test. There are other ways to create a false negative result, but they do not include consuming any food. However, whichever way you try to cheat the test, you won’t succeed. The drug testing kit would indicate a specimen adulteration which the drug testing collector would interpret accurately. Staying off illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription medications is the best and only way to ensure a negative result.

3. All drugs stay in your system for the same length of time.

This is a myth because every individual has a different biological makeup that determines how drugs are metabolised in their body. Again, each drug has a different chemical composition, and the amounts in which they would be ingested by different drug users also varies. Even the period of consumption would also vary. This implies that several factors are affecting the detection time of each drug.

Our Urine Drug Testing Kit

InnoScreen is certified to Australian standard AS 4308:2008. It is one of the best-selling drug testing cups in Australia because it is highly accurate, easy to confirm positive results, and convenient to use.

It is the easiest urine test kit to use in the market. You simply add your specimen into the cup, put on the lid, and tilt the kit to see your results.

You can test for 6 different categories of drugs at once . It is easy to verify positive results. Just send the kit to the lab as it is. The InnoScreen testing kit ensures non-exposure of the collected sample and is a collector-activated cup.