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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023
How Does A Saliva Drug Test Work? - Australia Drug Testing

How Does A Saliva Drug Test Work?

How Does A Saliva Drug Test Work?

How Does A Saliva Drug Test Work saliva drug tests - Australia Drug Testing

What is a Saliva Drug Test?

A saliva drug test is a screening device that uses your saliva to detect the presence of certain drugs in your system.

Saliva drug testing is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred drug screening tests. It is a less costly and more convenient way of conducting drug tests than the urine and blood testing methods.

Although the saliva drug test technology is considered faster and less invasive, it can only detect recent drug use within 6-24 hours. It also detects fewer drugs than urine and blood tests.

What to Expect During the Test

In a saliva drug test, you use a standard absorbent pad to extract saliva from the mouth by swabbing inside the cheek or underneath the tongue.

The saliva sample is subjected to a test to detect the presence of a drug or drugs. You are not required to undertake any rigorous preparation for a saliva drug test. You are only advised not to eat or drink anything for at least 10 minutes before the test.

Depending on the test kit used, the collected sample is analyzed on-site, and the result can be read within 10 minutes. If the result is positive (non-negative), it is taken to an authorized lab for further analysis. Test results from the lab are generally available within 24 hours.

How to Use Saliva Drug Testing Kits

There are two options on how to conduct a saliva drug test. You can either handle it in-house or hire a trained technician. Here are 6 steps on how to use a saliva drug testing kit.

  1. A collection stick with a sponge is used to swab the tongue and inside the cheek to collect saliva. For a less invasive approach, the technician may give you the swab to self-extract the sample while he supervises the process.
  2. After enough saliva is collected, the swab is analyzed.
  3. The result is available within 10 minutes, or it may take longer depending on the type of testing kit used and the kind of drug tested for.
  4. If the test is negative, it means no drugs are present in your system.
  5. If a positive (non negative)result is detected, it means you have drugs in your system. However, further testing need s to be carried out at an authorized laboratory to determine the level of substance in your system;..
  6. If the result is invalid, it simply means the test needs to be redone.
  7. Usually lack of saliva is the cause.

Saliva drug tests are frequent in workplaces with a strict policy against substance abuse. A drug screening test is part of a routine checkup and may be used to examine an employee suspected of using drugs. Saliva drug tests are also common in rehabilitation facilities where regular testing is required. Law enforcement agencies use saliva drug testing kits for roadside point-of-incident screening for alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Which Drugs Can Be Detected?

The range of illicit drugs that can be detected using a saliva drug test depends on the type of testing kit used. The new testing devices can detect cocaine, cannabis, opium, crystal meth, and bennies. Other drugs detectable with saliva drug testing kits include alcohol, marijuana, yellows, benzos, codeine, and ecstasy.

How Soon Can These Drugs Be Detected

How long a drug remains detectable in the saliva varies from one drug to another. Some of the common substances checked for during a saliva drug test and their associated detection time are:

The saliva drug test may be fast and convenient, but it has one worrying drawback because of its short drug detection time. Many drugs become undetectable in the saliva a few days after consumption. Someone may take advantage of this and only wait a few days to do the test and come out clean.

Apart from the type of drug consumed, several other factors can affect the detection time of drugs. Some of these associated factors are the quantity of the drug taken and the frequency in which the person uses the drug.

Advantages of Saliva Drug Testing Kits

When you suspect an employee is under the influence of an illicit drug, saliva drug testing kits provide quick, low-cost, and convenient drug testing solutions.

Saliva drug tests like urine tests are conducted in privacy away from other employees. They are carried out with full supervision to prevent undesired manipulation of the test and ensure a fairly accurate result of about 98%.

Modern Saliva Drug Testing Kits

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