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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

How To Choose and Use Drug Tests?

Choose & Use Drug Tests - Australia Drug Testing
Drug testing is a reliable method of identifying people who use illegal substances and the types of drugs they use. Drug-testing procedures in the workplace are intended to detect the presence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or certain prescribed medicines. Drug testing is a deterrence and prevention tool that is frequently used as part of a larger drug-free workplace policy.

The Role of Drug Tests

A drug test or screen is conducted to see if an individual may have used or abused drugs. Drug testing is commonly used in the workplace. Before hiring a candidate, an employer may request a drug test to ensure they comply with all policies. After an employee is employed, random or periodic drug testing may be carried out.

When there is a suspicion about drug use in the workplace for any reason, employers may conduct drug testing. After a workplace accident or event, an employee may be tested for drug use.

Drug screening can be utilised in a variety of situations, including:

1. Legal Testing

Authorities may conduct a drug test to offer evidence against a court case or as part of a criminal investigation. A legal drug test is requested to prevent child endangerment or abuse in many instances. Moreover, legal testing is done to determine if someone is driving while inebriated or is inebriated in public.

2. Prescription Drug Usage Monitoring

A doctor may order a drug test to keep track of patients who have been prescribed specific medicines with the potential to be abused, such as opioids for pain.

3. Athletic Testing

Professional athletes are frequently required to take a drug test to screen for performance-enhancing drugs or other substances.

4. Military Drug Testing

Members of the military may be subjected to random or periodic drug tests.

Types of Drug Testing

There are numerous types of drug testing. These differ in terms of the type of drug they detect, the type of sample required for testing, and whether they seek the drug itself or drug metabolites. The material that remains in the body after a drug has been broken down is known as a drug metabolite.

Many businesses in Australia have drug and alcohol testing included in their company policy. Businesses and organisations that work for certain government agencies are required to have a drug and alcohol testing program in place that complies with the agencies policies. Drug Testing Kits have made it easier for employers to ensure their staff and contractors comply with the company’s policy.

Having such a program in place benefits businesses because it fosters a healthy and safe working environment, enhances productivity, and lowers the cost of covering accidents and health-related concerns.

Although urine is the most widely utilised test sample for drug testing, additional test samples such as blood, hair, faeces, perspiration, breath, and saliva can also be used. Because urine drug testing is affordable, non-invasive, identifies a wide spectrum of drugs, and offers accurate drug test results, it is frequently preferred. Drug testing of hair follicles can be used to detect chronic or long-term drug usage.

Within a certain duration known as a detection window, drug tests can discover indications of drug use. The length and amount of usage and the pace at which the drug is metabolised and removed from the body all influence detection windows.

Which Drug Testing Method Is Best For You?

The 6-panel drug test is the most recommended approach for drug testing if you are not legally compelled to undertake testing beyond these drugs. The test is intended to detect commonly misused street narcotics. Larger panel drug tests also detect prescription medications and medicines.

However, finding the ideal drug testing method for your organisation is dependent on a number of things, including the industry you are in, industry rules, and company culture.

Types Of Drug Testing Kits

Australia Drug Testing has drug test kits for all drugs, from urine to alcohol, saliva, and breathalysers. Our focus is to make workplace drug testing affordable and accessible for everyone, allowing employers to maintain a safe working environment.

Urine Drug Test Kit

We have four different types of urine testing kits verified to the Australian Standard AS 4308:2008. The test results are accurate and consistent. Urine drug testing kits are less expensive than other types of drug tests.

The drug tests do not require the use of a lab or a technician, and the results are instantaneous. Simple, right? Our drug test kits are simple to store and have a long expiration date. The drug test kits come in packets with gloves and cups and are quite convenient to use.

Oral Drug Test Kit

Our saliva drug test kits are extremely non-invasive and simple to use. The tests can be administered without the use of a bathroom. Samples can be conveniently gathered in almost any setting. These are excellent tests for detecting recent drug use.

What To Do Before Taking A Drug Test?

Before you begin, check the list of drugs/medications that the test identifies to ensure that they are the drugs you wish to test for. It is important to understand how to choose drug test kits that are capable of detecting various drugs at the same time. If you’re testing for a certain substance, you will want to be sure your test detects that drug.

Final Remarks

Employers have distinct drug testing needs and requirements based on their business and any applicable government legislation, thus the processes required to start a drug testing program often vary by employer. However, once a written, comprehensive policy is in place, it should be circulated to the entire workforce.

It’s also important to educate your employees about the company’s drug testing policies, especially for managers and supervisors.