KY8300 Breathalyser

KY8300 Breathalyser


The recent consumption of alcohol may lead to a high initial result due to “mouth alcohol”. If this is suspected, wait 10-15 minutes for the mouth alcohol to dissipate then re-test.

Mouthwash may also give a similar result and the same procedure should be followed.

There are many things on the internet that mislead people into thinking that tests can be beaten, but in reality, if the device is calibrated to Australian Standards then fooling the device is almost impossible.

Passive breathalysers only deliver what is called “qualitative” result. They provide a written qualification as to whether alcohol is present of not. They do not measure accuracy. For an accurate result, you need a “quantitative” breathalyser (operating in Standard mode using a mouthpiece). A breathalyser operating in “Standard mode” with a mouthpiece analyses the subject’s deep lung air sample and quantifies the result as a numeric blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading.

Just like drugs, consuming alcohol in the workplace can be a dangerous situation. Using a high quality device calibrated to Australian Standards, like the Alcolizer KY8300, ensures that the test is accurate. The only other method to determine blood alcohol level is through drawing a person’s blood and having a laboratory analyse it. This is quite an invasive and complicated scenario. Instead, using a portable breathalyser will give you a reliable test with ease.