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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

Swab Drug Test and Urine Test, Which Is Better?

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The first thing to consider for any drug test, including a saliva swab drug test, is to ensure you have a drug and alcohol policy in place. 

Along with complete details on the testing methods, you should also offer information about worker education and rehabilitation. 

However, the type of test to use is one of the most important considerations when addressing workplace drug and alcohol testing. But how do you determine which one is best for your business?

Should You Use a Saliva Swab Drug Test?

You might be debating whether saliva drug testing is superior to urine drug testing. Using a mouth swab drug test rather than a urine drug test has several clear advantages.

But first, you need to understand how a saliva drug test works to appreciate its benefits.

How Does a Swab Drug Test work?

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Other names for saliva drug test are swab drug test and oral drug test

A swab drug test uses mouth fluids as a testing sample to identify whether specific substances are present in the body. This drug testing procedure is quick, affordable, dependable, and painless.

First Sign Drug Test

Before collecting an oral fluid sample, refrain from putting anything in the mouth, including food, drink, gum, or tobacco products, for at least 10 minutes.

Step 1: Move the protective cover in the direction indicated by the arrow until the word “PRESS” is visible.

Step 2 :Detach the blue sample collector from the white detection feature without touching the sampling pads.

For three minutes, swab the inside of the mouth and the tongue to collect oral fluid while soaking the sponge in saliva. Repeat this process until the sponge is completely soft and saturated with saliva. When the sponge is saturated, there shouldn’t be any hard spots to feel.

Step 3: Take the sponge out of the mouth. Place the sponge-covered collection device in the collection chamber.

Step 4: Start the timer after securing the cap.

Step 5 : To read the test results, remove the label. Check the results after 10 minutes. You should not read the results after an hour.

How to read the result:

A line in the test area indicates a negative result, and the absence of a line in the test area indicates a positive result.

Drug Wipe 10 Drug Test

1 : Move the protective cover in the direction indicated by the arrow until the word “PRESS” is visible.

2: Detach the blue sample collector from the white detection feature without touching the sampling pads.

3: Have the employee chew three times while moving their tongue inside their mouth. Then, verify that the three sample pads on the underside of the blue collector are pink.

4: Instruct the employee to run one swipe down the middle of the three pads to the tip of their tongue. Once the pads have turned from pink to yellow, collect the blue collector.

5:With an audible double-click, reattach the white detecting element to the blue collector.

6: Three sample pads have turned pink to yellow, collect the blue sample collector from your employee.

7: With an audible double-click, re-attach the white detecting element with the blue sample collector. To ensure everything is properly attached, gently press down on the device’s blue “PRESS” mark.

8: Bring the Drug Wipe 6 into a vertical position with the blue sample collector facing up. Press hard on the white “PRESS” symbol ONCE to break the buffer fluid ampoule.

9: After removing your thumb from the white ‘PRESS’ mark, leave the device upright for 10 seconds to allow it to settle.

10: Place the Drug Wipe 6 on a level surface and move the protective cover back into position. Allow the test to run uninterrupted for 8 minutes.

How to read the results:


A positive test result means that drugs have been found. The 3 control lines and 1 additional test line will all be visible. A negative result means that no drugs have been found. There will only be a total of 3 control lines. The test is invalid if one or more control lines are not present. If the test is invalid, you have to repeat the test with a different Drug Wipe device.

Drugs Detectable

A saliva swab drug test can detect several drugs, including Cocaine, Opioids, Oxycodone, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, and Methamphetamine.

How Does a Urine Test Work?

Suppose the employee needs to be watched while providing the sample to prevent adulteration or substitution. In that case, urine drug testing may be perceived as an invasion of privacy. 

However, preliminary urine test results are available minutes after the sample is analysed. They can identify a wider range of drugs, including several newest synthetics. 

See urine drug test guide to learn more.

Advantages of a Saliva Swab Drug Test

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1. It Works Well and Is Accurate

Drug testing using saliva is accurate and detects recent drug usage. According to Medical News Today, the saliva drug test has a 97% accuracy rate if administered/performed correctly. However, the type of substance, the test system, and even the type of food you consumed may affect the outcome of the test.

For instance, eating citric acid candies and chewing them reduces the concentration of substances like methamphetamine and cocaine in the body. It is recommended that you refrain from consuming any food 10 minutes before taking the test. Otherwise, it may affect the outcome of the test.

2. Swab Drug Test Has a Lower Risk Of Adulteration

It is simple to tamper with urine samples because you would normally collect them in private. In contrast, sample collection for a mouth swab drug test takes place in front of a witness. It’s also difficult to tamper with the sample because food or mouthwash cannot affect most drug detections.

Furthermore, saliva tests are not sensitive to adulterants, which are chemicals that change drugs’ presence or concentration in a sample. As a result, it is more challenging to lie on a saliva drug test if you administer it correctly.

3. Perfect for Post-Incident Tests and Reasonable Suspicion

The oral drug test may assist with post incident drug detection. It ensures that all workers whose jobs are safety-sensitive are not impaired by drugs while doing their duties. This is because it can identify recent drug use, often within minutes of ingesting it.

For example, 10 minutes after using methamphetamine, your saliva can be tested.

Saliva testing is also useful in a minor incident when an organization needs to determine if someone was under the influence while operating a vehicle or equipment. 

You cannot use a urine drug test in this way because you can only find digested drugs in a urine sample. The purpose of conducting a drug test right away or within a few hours is defeated because it can take a drug anywhere between 6 and 12 hours to metabolize.

The fact that drugs do not linger in oral fluids for very long is a drawback of saliva testing. Most drugs only stay in the saliva for 5 to 48 hours after consumption. Therefore, it is preferable to utilise a urine test if your objective is to check for long-term usage. Otherwise, saliva testing will be sufficient if your goal is to determine a person’s current state.

Ultimately, a swab drug test is more practical and comfortable while being equally reliable and safe. Additionally, buying saliva testing kits in bulk can help you save money over time and reduce the stress of organising the logistics of a urine drug test.

4. It Is Effective and Simple to Administer a Saliva Swab Drug Test 

The simplicity of sample collection is one of the major advantages of saliva drug testing over urine testing. It’s easy to test for drugs using an oral drug test by swabbing under the tongue and inside the inner cheek. It only takes a few minutes to determine the result.

Swab Drug Test Vs. Urine Test

There is no incorrect decision when deciding which of the two tests to use. As you’ve seen, each saliva and urine drug test has specific drawbacks and benefits. It all depends on knowing what you want and your objective.

A swab drug test is preferable if you want quick, accurate, on-site drug checks for a recent drug abuse incident. However, since a urine drug test covers a wider range of drug families, you can use it if you want a more thorough test. 

In light of this, you should choose a practical drug test kit that is cost-effective and appeals to a wider audience. However, ensure you are familiar with the current laws and regulations governing each drug test before deciding on which test to use for your business.