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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

What Are Certified Drug Test Kits?

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Due to the widespread usage of drugs in Australia, it has become crucial for employers to enforce strict drug detection measures using certified drug testing kits.

Drug testing kits certified to Australian standards accurately detect a wide range of illicit and prescription drugs. In addition to their accuracy, they are designed with specimen validity features to defeat specimen adulteration. This further strengthens your drug-free workplace policy, protecting your business from legal liabilities, financial losses, and fatalities resulting from drug-related accidents.

Certified drug testing kits are devices subjected to and passed scientific tests to verify their safety, validity, and accuracy.

Here are some examples of certified urine drug test kits verified to the Australian Standard AS 4308:2008:

Certified drug test kits produce accurate results that save you time and money because you don’t have to send a negative sample to a lab for further analysis. These kits can also boost your staff morale by reducing the amount of false positive results that wrongly accuse employees of abusing drugs.

Do You Need to Be Certified to Conduct a Drug Test?

No, you don’t need certification to conduct a drug test, as there is no law to support this. However, it’s always recommended to use someone certified because they can ensure that the test is conducted properly following the right procedures.

Another reason you may need trained personnel for drug testing your employees is in the event of an emergency. In that case, a trained in-house team member can conduct a timely and efficient urine or saliva drug test according to your workplace policy.

Why Should You Use a Certified Drug Testing Kit?

Uncertified drug testing kits may be inaccurate, faulty, and may have low cutoff levels for detecting certain illicit and prescription drugs.

Using certified drug test kits that meet Australian standards can help timely detect workplace drug abuse. This ensures a safe, productive business environment that enjoys the following:

The Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Kits

What is the best drug testing kit for your workplace? Is it the urine or saliva drug testing kit?

You shouldn’t base your decision solely on cost when selecting the drug test kits for your workplace drug testing program. The right choice is influenced by several criteria, including:

Each type of drug testing kit has distinct advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed below.

Urine Drug Testing Kits

Pros: Urine drug testing kits have a strong scientific foundation and rely on established technology. The outcomes are precise and trustworthy. For example, the MicroScreen™ 2 drug testing kit has a built-in temperature and validity test to detect specimen adulteration and prevent false negative results.
Furthermore, compared to other drug test kits, the price of urine drug test kits is lower. Additionally, they do not require further lab analysis of negative results and the results are rapid. Some urine test kits can detect up to 12 different drugs.

Cons: Very recent drug use less than 6 hours before the drug metabolises may not be detected. Also, a bathroom or restroom is required to conduct the tests. A gender-specific staff may be required to observe the specimen collection in certain instances. For this reason, some people view urine drug tests as invasive.

Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Pros: Saliva drug testing kits are relatively easy to use, non-invasive, donor friendly, and can be used without a restroom. They are effective in detecting recent drug usage. Additionally, because the sample can be taken under close supervision, these drug tests are difficult to falsify.

Cons: The detection window of the saliva drug testing kits. It has a shorter window to detect drugs than the urine drug test. It can take a few hours to a maximum of two to three days, depending on the individual’s saliva production rate or the type and dosage of the drug consumed.

Workplace Drug Testing Kits

Saliva drug testing kits are steadily gaining acceptance for workplace drug testing since they are a less invasive choice for drug screening on the market.

However, urine drug testing kits are certified to Australian standards. They are the preferred choice for pre-employment and post-incident screening because of their low cost, long drug detection window, accuracy, and counter adulteration features.

Who Is Authorised to Conduct a Test?

Employers have the right to conduct drug tests following their company’s drug policy to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their staff and the public. For example, an employer may legally administer a drug test during a pre-employment exercise, as part of a random or routine test, on reasonable suspicion, or after a workplace accident.

Australia Drug Testing Kits

Getting the proper brand of testing kits that adhere to Australia’s drug testing policies is crucial. This is because certified drug test kits promote an effective internal testing program that benefits your employees and your business.

Australia Drug Testing provides saliva and urine drug testing kits that are accurate and certified to Australian standards for the best results.

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