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By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

By Australia Drug Testing / November 10, 2023

When Can You Test Your Employees for Drugs and Alcohol?

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In Australia, drug and alcohol tests are widely used by companies. For some businesses such as aviation, transport, and construction, drug testing is compulsory.

The amended Building code in September 2015 by the Australian Government requires drug and alcohol testing on construction sites to ensure higher standards of workplace safety.

As an employer, you have the authority to insist on a drug test, provided you have a workplace drug policy. There are several reasons why you may request drug testing such as:

Speaking about workplace drug policy, some of the parameters to include are:
Having a well-written company drug policy is critical to how well employees understand and adhere to the guidelines.

Is Drug Testing at Work Legal in Australia?

Absolutely yes. You can do drug tests at your workplace anywhere in Australia with the full backing of the law. However, you must have a working drug and alcohol policy before carrying out the drug test.

What this means is that you must educate your employees about your drug and alcohol policy before performing any drug test. Your employees should know the types of drugs they will be tested for.

So yes, a drug test at your workplace is a fully legal practice you have no cause to worry about as long as you have a standing drug policy that your employees must adhere to.

Allowing alcohol consumption at any workplace is unwise. If an employee becomes unproductive, violent, or causes an accident as a result of being drunk at work, you cannot terminate his employment on the grounds of alcohol abuse.

Therefore, it is only reasonable to have a clear policy on drugs and alcohol abuse at your workplace to hold employees accountable for their actions in any drug-related misconduct and to have legal grounds for disciplinary actions against them.

When Can You Test Employees for Drugs?

Part of your responsibility as an employer is to provide a safe workplace for employees by ensuring a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Consequently, if you suspect an employee of using drugs or alcohol at your workplace, you can request a drug test in line with your company policy. This is legal provided you have a policy that prohibits the use of alcohol and other specific drugs at your workplace.

Drug and alcohol tests are ideal for employees who perform safety-sensitive duties such as transporting passengers or goods, operating heavy machinery, or enforcing the law.

Can an Employee Decline a Drug or Alcohol Test?

Your employee reserves the right to refuse an invitation to a drug or alcohol test. However, in light of your company’s drug and alcohol policy, the staff can face disciplinary action and dismissal.

So if summoned by the Fair Work Commission, you can easily report that the employee’s refusal to take a drug test under reasonable suspicion of drug abuse was a breach of your company’s drug and alcohol policy.

Hence, your workplace drug and alcohol policy should always clearly state the disciplinary actions that would be taken against an employee if he declines a drug test.

What Happens if an Employee Tests Positive for Drugs or Alcohol?

The next action you take when an employee tests positive for drugs should be in line with your company’s drug and alcohol policy.

The first thing you do is inform the staff member that he or she has tested positive for drugs. Then proceed with the well-developed steps for handling the situation.

Counselling is the first step used by many Australian companies in dealing with first-time drug use cases in the workplace. Further tests are done to determine if the employee is adhering to the drug-free policy. If he consistently tests positive, then it can result in his dismissal.

How Is Employment Drug Testing Conducted?

Drug and alcohol tests are performed using an absorbent swab to collect a person’s saliva or a urine sample to identify the presence of drugs or alcohol in the system.

Both Saliva and Urine tests can be used to detect the presence of a wide range of illicit drugs.

Workplace drug policies are highly effective in deterring employees from using drugs and alcohol at the workplace.

Workplace Drug Testing Kits

Australia Drug Testing provides quality drug and alcohol test kits that are simple to use, highly sensitive, fast, and reliable. You should always use products that are certified to Australian Standards to avoid device malfunctions which could cause a false positive.Our testing kits are sourced from the best products in the market to match your various workplace needs:

  1. Alcohol test kits
  2. Urine drug test kits
  3. Saliva drug test kits

1. Alcohol Testing Kits

We supply robust and standard alcohol test kits for home and industrial use. They include Alco-Screen, KY8300 Breathalyser, and Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Tester.

Alco-Screen is a simple one-step saliva test kit that provides results for your alcohol tests within 10 minutes. Therefore, it does not require calibration or special training to use. It has high drug sensitivity that can detect alcohol concentration in the blood from as low as .02% – .30% and is the most convenient way to test your employees for alcohol.

The KY8300 Breathalyser is a fast one-button alcohol tester; a unique feature that makes it an irresistible choice for alcohol tests. Furthermore, it has a memory function that can store up to 20,000 test results which can be downloaded anytime. The best feature of the Breathalyser is a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor that provides accurate alcohol readings within only five seconds of testing.

Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Tester is specially designed for alcohol breath testing at small and medium-size companies committed to ensuring a safe workplace for their employees. It is robust, reliable, and has a USB data download feature. It is a first-choice test kit when it comes to choosing a truly durable alcohol tester.

2. Urine Drug Testing Kit

We supply a urine drug test kit called InnoScreen which is certified to Australian Standards. It is the best-selling drug testing cup in Australia. It is easy to use. You simply add your specimen into the cup, put the lid on, and tilt the kit to see your results. It is that simple. You can also test for six different drugs at a time using InnoScreen. This testing kit is second to none when it comes to convenience and fast results.

3. Saliva Drug Testing Kits

We supply the First Sign and DrugWipe 6S saliva drug testing kits capable of providing accurate 1-step tests within 10 minutes. They are efficient, less invasive, and easy to use anywhere, anytime. Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured of a high-quality kit that can help you achieve a safe and drug-free workplace.


For a safe and drug-free workplace, employers must provide policies and procedures for the prohibition of drugs and alcohol at work. This policy should be made clear to employees and relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance and a safer workplace.